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I guess I'll have to wade through Rev. Daniel's longer post. It seems to me that she has failed in her duties to "minister" to the flock. I think her larger point is still valid, most people claiming to be "spiritual but not religious" are neither. But she clearly chose the wrong context in which to present those thoughts.

I would say you are both because you are concerned with those issues. You just don't cotton to crowds and BS pronouncements from above. You have figured out the truth in the statement of La of Orpar, the High Priestess of the City of Gold, in The Return of Tarzan:

"It is the duty of a high priestess to instruct, to interpret—according to the creed that others, wiser than herself, have laid down; but there is nothing in the creed which says that she must believe. The more one knows of one's religion the less one believes—no one living knows more of mine than I."

The Priestess admits to being full of poop, which puts her on a higher plain than Benny and Pat. You're not a fan of poop. Neither am I.

Brewster is ensconced on the deck, enjoying smells, weather patterns, his own lazy thoughts, and greeting the occasional passerby with a throaty salute. I think I'll go join him.

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